SH&E Management

Haesung DS fulfills safety environment management by continuous technology development and innovation

Safety Regulation

Recognize Safety, Health and Environment as core management elements and create sustainable environment for coexistence of human and nature
  • 1. Follow the law and regulation
  • 2. Consider Safety environment effect of entire business
  • 3. Reduce environmental influence and continue
  • 4. Create safe and clean working environment
  • 5. Maintain community with business partners
  • 6. Open transparent information


Haesung DS pursues sustainable business based on safety environment for all activities

Projects and Activities

Greenhouse gas mitigation

  • Plan
  • Recycling of waste heat
    • Recycle waste heat from steam of compressor to decrease fuel usage
  • Seasonal Heat source change(Refrigerator→Air)
    • During winter season, using open air to temperature-humidity control
  • Improve compression efficiency
    • Decrease compressor temperature by 10% and save 3% of electricity usage
  • Introduction of high-efficiency equipment.
    • Progressive exchange of pump and motor for utility
    • Build smart Office and set LED